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Educational Consultancy’s PPC Campaign and Landing Page Strategy – Case Study

August 4, 2023 2 min read
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SPS Canada, is an Canada based educational consultancy firm with a sales office in Ahmedabad, India. They wanted to increase the number of applicants visiting their office for studying in Canada and immigration services. They reached out to us for PPC campaign & landing page strategy. Leo9 Studio had previously designed their logo and their website.

Despite being a new office and the very first office in India, SPS Canada wanted to establish a strong presence and attract a steady flow of qualified leads.

Their target audience was students between the ages of 16-30, fresh graduates, and people located within a 25 km radius.

Our Solution:

  • Leo9 Studio launched a PPC campaign that targeted the primary keywords used by the target audience, including “study abroad,” “study in Canada,” “Canada immigration,” “IELTS,” “IELTS exams,” “Canadian universities,” and “IELTS trainers.”
  • Our team crafted messaging that emphasized the availability of scholarships, application fee waivers, and spot admissions by several institutions, inviting the target audience to visit SPS Canada’s office in Ahmedabad to meet top institutions from Canada under one roof.
  • We designed a landing page that created a sales funnel, focused on the call-to-action to visit SPS Canada’s office, optimized for a seamless user experience, and designed to encourage visitors to schedule appointments.


1. The campaign was highly successful, with 25-30 applicants visiting SPS Canada’s office each day, and footfall increasing to 35 on weekends.

2. The optimized campaign generated a high conversion rate, which translated into a positive ROI for SPS Canada.

3. Despite being a new office and the very first office in India, people recognized SPS Canada from the ads, called, and scheduled their appointments, leading to a steady flow of qualified leads.

4. Overall, SPS Canada’s PPC and landing page strategy successfully achieved their goal. Their goal of increasing footfall in their Ahmedabad office and generating a high conversion rate and positive ROI. The optimized campaign’s success can be attributed to targeted keywords, effective messaging, an optimized landing page design, and continuous monitoring and optimization of the campaign to ensure the best possible results.

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