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Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Branding: A Futuristic Case Study of Briskev

June 29, 2023 2 min read
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In this case study, we delve into the remarkable journey of Briskev, an ambitious Electric Vehicle (EV) company, as they revolutionize the landscape of electric vehicle branding with their futuristic approach.


Driven by a young and passionate team, Briskev set out to create an elegant and captivating brand identity that would showcase the strength, speed, and futurism of their cutting-edge electric vehicles, drawing inspiration from renowned brands like Apple.

Objectives and Goals:

The primary objective was to establish a visually stunning website that reflects the elegance and futuristic aesthetics of Briskev’s EV designs, while also developing a distinctive monogram that symbolizes the brand’s forward-thinking values and the performance of their electric vehicles.

Case Study Details:

With a collaborative effort led by Sarvajeet Patel as Project Manager, and supported by Pratik Karkera as Visual Designer, Himanshu Sawant as Brand Strategist, Virendra Rathod as Website Designer, and Dhruv Shah as Website Developer, Briskev embarked on an extensive branding and website design process.

Results and Outcomes:

Electric Vehicle Branding and website designing for Briskev

The meticulous efforts of the Briskev team exceeded expectations, resulting in a remarkable brand transformation. The new website design and monogram received overwhelming praise from the team, target audience, and industry stakeholders, propelling Briskev into the spotlight as an innovative force in the electric vehicle market.

Supporting Evidence:

Noteworthy publications, including and Digitimes, featured Briskev’s impressive electric vehicle range, spotlighting the brand’s technological advancements and their significant impact on the industry.

Key Takeaways and Lessons for Case Study on Electric Vehicle Branding:

1> Embrace Futuristic Branding: Drawing inspiration from influential brands like Apple can guide the creation of a captivating and forward-thinking electric vehicle brand identity.

2> Collaborative Excellence: Effective collaboration among project managers, designers, strategists, and developers is vital for translating a unified brand vision into a tangible and cohesive website.

3> Attention to Detail: Paying close attention to font selection, color schemes, and minimalist design elements can elevate the visual appeal and coherence of an electric vehicle brand.

4> Resounding Success: The overwhelmingly positive response from the team, target audience, and industry experts reinforced the significance of a well-executed electric vehicle branding strategy.

Conclusion for Case Study on Electric Vehicle Branding:

Case Study on Electric Vehicle Branding instagram image

Through their unwavering passion, creativity, and attention to detail, Briskev successfully redefined electric vehicle branding, capturing the essence of their innovative technology. The elegant website design and distinctive monogram showcased the brand’s futurism, strength, and speed, positioning Briskev as a frontrunner in the ever-evolving electric vehicle industry. This case study exemplifies the power of visionary electric vehicle branding and its profound impact on a company’s success in the competitive market.

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