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Everything You Need To Know: The Landing Page

July 29, 2020 8 min read
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Beginner’s Guide to Landing Pages

What is a landing page?

Digital marketing defines a landing page as a standalone web page, created only for a marketing purpose, or even possible for an advertising campaign. 

‘Landing Page’ literally means the page where a user lands on by clicking the link, hyperlinks, advertisements, or CTA (Call To Action) buttons on Google, Facebook, Quora, Linkedin, etc.

Websites have multiple goals, like, conversion, lead, offering knowledge, educating users, branding, etc. The landing page has the only task; it has a single goal, CTA. It could be for lead, signup, register, or for sale. 

As landing pages are more conversion-oriented, they end up being the most preferred option by marketers for converting traffic to either lead or sale. Yes, it’s the best way to increase leads and increase revenue through marketing.

Why should a landing page be an intrinsic part of your marketing strategy?

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The landing page exists after prospects at the top of the funnel click a link in an ad, email, or anywhere else on the web. It’s where the conversion (like a purchase, signup, or registration) will take place.

Technically any page on a website can be a landing page. Yes, technically… The term is used this way in Google Ads and Analytics. Not all destination pages are made equal. In the case of Leo9 Studio, we made our blog different from our homepage, and these pages are again very different from our other internal pages. But you would never experience the loss of UX strategy. We planned the whole website to be so synced that you will enjoy scrolling through this UX Design Agency’s website. But that is for some other time, and here we are to discuss landing pages.

Homepage vs. Landing Page

The homepage has dozens of potential distractions—the landing page is super focused. Having fewer links on your landing page increases conversions, as there are fewer tantalizing clickables that’ll carry visitors away from the call to action. That’s why expert marketers always use a dedicated landing page as the destination of their traffic.

Sure, the homepage looks impressive. It shows off the brand, lets people explore a range of products, and offers additional info about the company and its values. From here, a visitor can go anywhere—apply for a job, read some press releases, review the terms of service, post on the community boards, etc.

But they won’t necessarily make a purchase. And that’s the point.

The landing page for this customer serves a completely different purpose. Paired with super slick ads that promote a single offer, everything about it works hard to turn these visitors into customers. It’s doing a better job to convert the traffic the brand’s already getting. That’s the power of landing pages!

How to design a perfect Landing Page

1. Script a click worthy headline: 

Why would anyone want to click a boring headline like 

‘A Very Long List Of Free Tools By Leo9 Studio’ 


161 Free UI Design Resources (Last update 13th July) | Leo9 Studio‘.

Do you see the difference between the two? It’s easy; the second line has numbers, words, updates, and keywords all jam-packed well. Google Ads love such headlines for advertising. Let me know if you are interested in learning about it, comment below or reach out on Linkedin or Instagram.

2. Create benefit focused content: 

Creating benefit-focused content is the major key to having a successful landing page. Apple product ads are the best case studies to learn how to put benefits over features.

Ever heard them boasting about 100MP cameras and 1000GB RAM? You won’t, and that’s what you must do too!

3. An actionable Call-To-Action (CTA):

Don’t you google “Free WordPress Themes” and land on some page, scan for an exciting free theme, then the next thing is to scan for that ‘Download Now’ button? Why is this the quick reaction? 

That’s with almost everyone, it’s exactly the same. Give your customers what they want, and the reason they are there on the website.

There are multiple options for words to be used, like download, free, new, buy, etc. depending on the product or service you are into.

It’s an important button as this is where a visitor turns to become a customer. This conversion process needs to be very smooth and straightforward. Similarly, CTA buttons should be bold, bright, clear, placed rightly with contrasting colors. the point is to make it stand out.

4. Right color scheme:

Different colors ignite different emotions. That’s just a psychological factor, and hence should be used wisely.

The color designer sets the mood of any landing page chooses to use. Does that mean you can’t use Red, and you must use Green? Not really, I shall give examples for the same.  

Every color has a different meaning, emotion, and a vibe with it; here are a few notable descriptions of colors generally seen on websites and landing pages.

5. Include Multimedia & Images related to your copy:

‘How To’ tutorial videos for your product to a slogan or client reviews, etc, infographics and videos are a great way to educate your audience or maybe just to keep the hook on. It’s always a good idea to showcase through a video over making someone read – read and read.

6. Display Social Proofs as trust indicators:

For an effective way of communicating, you need to build trust. Trust building is possible through showcasing your press mentions, social media mentions by large and trusted websites.

Flipkart generates trust value by applying above mentioned method. verified sellers, which gives us more credibility to purchase from a particular vendor. Similarly, those mentions act as influencers and trust builders for your brand’s website.

 7. Include credible testimonials:

Testimonials are super credible sources. Imagine your client’s words acting more efficiently than the whole sales team! On a practical note, quotes or testimonials given by CEOs of big companies matter a lot. Showcasing them on your landing page makes a huge impact on your brand’s image overall. This also helps to convert business.

8. Minimum navigational links:

Focus on keeping the user on the same page and only link out extremely important pages wherever necessary.

If a navigator or user is tired of going back to your page, it’s probably not the right UX strategy too! For a good UX strategy, what do you do? You do not distract your user, you give them what they need and link out only when it’s extremely necessary.

9. Good English & good grammar:

I can’t stress this enough; being grammatically perfect has no alternative. There should be ‘0’ grammatical errors. Once you have found a mistake, correct it right away. Especially, non-English speakers may face this issue. It’s completely understandable, but not correcting it is something that is completely unacceptable. 

10. Place lead generation form above the fold:

All the readable content is on a single fold, it’s a basic understanding but has been missed by the most. No user likes scrolling back every minute to read what’s the next statement. Again, here is where your UX strategy might come into place. You irritate your user slightly, he/she might run away abandoning the task midway!

11. Make use of A/B testing:

Split testing or A/B testing is a proven method to have better conversions. Change copy, alter texts on CTA buttons, change the placement of images, etc. See how it works for users, which is the best way to get the best user journey available on your landing page.

What emotions do different colors ignite

In Landing Page?

Red: Red color indicates energy and passion. It sure does shoot heart rates and calls for urgency. You want to make a quick sale? Is your landing page or website related to food, this should be your color! Check out this packaged food website/landing page, and it’s doing what it does. Pushes you, adds rushes, brings that energy.

 Yellow: Color yellow is for optimism and youthful exuberance. To grab attention, one must use yellow color. Generally, CTA or particular section fold of a website or a landing page. Check this landing page, and it’s so fresh and youthful! 

 Green: The color of Richie Rich, the color money, wealth, and freshness. Generally used by finance-related websites, media agencies, and banks. I personally refrain from using it unless the client’s particular need to use as this color was overused at a particular point. These guys used the green landing page so well. 

 Blue: Blue color offers that touch of security, the sensation of trust-building. It is often used by financial websites or businesses where people need high level of trust factor to be built. Check this Canadian immigration website

 Orange: Orange is my personal favorite for attention-grabbing capabilities. Orange color is super refreshing and a young color to be used. Quickly stands your landing page or website away. Generally used for CTA to pull aggressive sales leads or inquiry leads. This is one of a kind presentation/case study for Reckrut, an HRD related website.

 Pink: Pink color has this natural feminine side to it. It’s cute, it’s pretty and most importantly, it’s romantic. Dating websites, women centric products, hygiene products, websites or landing pages can use tints and shades of pink. Check this skincare product landing page. Isn’t it very subtle, relaxed, and sweet!

 Purple: From relaxed and subtle, here I would like to introduce a super calm and composed color. This is more of a creative person’s or agency’s color. In fact Leo9 Studio uses a CTA of this color! 

 Black: Black is a synonym for sleek, plush, luxury, and stylish. It’s classy and still a powerful color to be used on landing pages or websites. This is a great example of super awesome use of black. 

Post considering these factors, and we need to optimize such pages. 

Why Landing Page Optimization matters?

Paid online marketing campaigns route the traffic towards landing pages. Many companies tend to invest a lot of money, believing it to be a better source of getting direct customers. As these sources route us to the landing page, the LPO comes into the picture here. 

To understand and optimize the highest possible conversion rate from the visitors who arrive at our landing page. It helps reduce the cost involved in customer acquisition costs, acquire more customers, and maximize your ad’s value.

Process to create a perfect landing page for your business:

1. Define Goal: 

Defining your goal is one of the key and foundation for the quality of oup put and conversion you are looking forward to.

We need all the information regarding customers/users to define goals.

2. Build first page: 

The second step is to create the first page, which will be directly visible to the users.

Design a landing page in a way that it solves the maximum questions of the users the moment they visit it.

3. Drive Traffic: 

Various mediums like social media can drive traffic. It would vary on different sets of customers and users we are targeting. 

4. Get Feedback:

After the hard work in all the process, businesses wait for a great response on conversion. Still, there is only one thing which stops them to improve and optimize from customers, users, the sample which fits our product/services, etc., what is better than getting help for the user itself. This is where our 4th point comes in the picture; feedback plays an important role in optimizing and getting the word to the business with all the suggestions and requests for their target customers. Positive conversion of business is possible through getting feedbacks.

5. Create a Hypothesis:

Referring to the above point, we can have a lot of reason and research in hand, depending on the type of emphasis we have for getting write types of feedback. Segregation and study of the points we need to be aligned with proper reasoning and basis or product/service. To optimize it the better way, we need to get a hold and validate the reason for the respective changes. Derived responses from gathered information creates hypotheses.

A/B test Hypothesis: We already have an idea and have created a set of hypothesis/sample for the landing page. To launch our new landing page, we need first to confirm whatever the created example fits better to optimize our page. In the industry, this is known as the A/B test.

There is a different set of pages created, and it has been tested to make sure the best result flows to optimize it better.

Let us not forget; it is a continuous process. And to get a better result, we need to make sure that there needs to be more on the user level to optimize and get better results.

We have been able to achieve what it needs to design the best website and a landing page according to DesignRush.

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