Enhancement of Motivation for Better Business Leads

February 22, 2021 3 min read
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Secrets About UX Design For Generating Business Leads Only A Handful Of People Know

Good UX design is all about captivating and joyful experiences, satisfaction, engagement with a touch of empathy towards the ‘user.’ In a nutshell, a great UX should be user-centric. But the reason why UX design is important is that businesses don’t just seek satisfied users but ones that can be captured, retained, and compelled to stay loyal. To design an effective UX that influences users’ behaviour and offers business value, one must understand its psychology. The critical factor which works in this scenario is motivation.


Motivation is a term that comes from psychology and behavioural studies. There are two types of motivations, extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. Motivation drives users to either pursue a goal or drop the idea.

1. Extrinsic motivation comes from the outside world and how our mind behaves to stimuli we receive from our peers, environment, or rewarding actions. For instance, appreciable comments and likes on a user’s social media post.

2. Intrinsic motivation arises out of our own nature, emotions, intelligence, or wishes. For example: curiosity to learn and try new recipes, satisfaction from playing a game, accepting a challenge to solve a puzzle, etc.

Decoding ‘how’ and ‘what’ motivates a user’s brain can be of great help for UX designers. The substance responsible for the brain’s motives is dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter produced in several brain regions responsible for reward inducing behaviour and motivation for setting goals and achieving them.

UX Design for Motivation and Generating Business Leads

Business leads deriving UX designers can incorporate certain attributes that can enhance motivation and lead to better user engagement, involvement and conversions.

Embrace minimalism

Minimalist designs are not just in trend but simplify user experiences as well. Keeping interfaces and landing pages minimalistic and straightforward motivates users to explore further without being overwhelmed. Minimalism also adds a soothing factor that delights, which can aid conversions.

For example, keeping the colour palette to a maximum of 3 on a landing page can be a great differentiator.

Visual appeal

Content having high visual appeal such as bright and thoughtfully selected typeface text, photos, illustrations have been found to excite users increasing dopamine levels. Conveying relevant information using visually appealing formats and keeping text to a bare minimum can help a great deal in conversions and leads.

Relevant and concise copy

High quality, relevant and concise copy content keeps users glued and disburses information in one shot. Clear and crisp textual content helps in delivering information service proposition right off the bat but amplifies the appeal of visual elements.

Thoughtful CTA placements

Call-to-Action (CTA) buttons are among the most significant ways of generating leads over a website or app. However, the UX designer should ensure that CTAs don’t become annoying or overwhelming. Smart placement of CTA at critical points in the interface can help in conversions right away. CTAs should stand out and use contrasting text and colour but not something in your face. In fact, CTAs should be harmonious with the interface’s overall visual appeal using contrast to its advantage.

Optimize content across platforms

With the ever-increasing use of smartphones to access almost every digital interface, designing and optimizing UX for various platforms is necessary. A study also shows that an average user takes less than 50 milliseconds to decide to stay, move, like, dislike etc., on an app or web page. Slow loading times can be a put-off and affect user’s sentiments, negatively driving down conversions.

Embed interactive elements

Interactive elements such as animations, slide-out text, shapes and video content are attraction magnets and set the dopamine ball rolling. Embedded promo videos on a landing page are compact and work as great marketing tools helping business leads. Interactive infographics are another way of keeping users engaged.

Live chat

Incorporating live chats using chatbots can give marketing teams a great starting point for collecting leads. Live chats also give users the impression that help is just a chat away if they are stuck, confused or simply want to inquire further.

Sharable user content and connections

Giving users the option to share their experiences with others in posts, photos, and videos through social media handles from within the app or webpage inspires a sense of belonging and connectedness. This lends trust and credibility to the service or product, resulting in positive perceptions and conversions.

Easy navigation

Users should not feel lost or confused while browsing, and hence the layout should be simple and intuitive to generate business leads. Including a smart navigation or search bar immensely boosts usability and even leads.


Converting Leads

A visually appealing, satisfying, relatable, and rewarding user experience not only increases dopamine levels and motivation but increases the likelihood of brand pull, recall and value. Users are more likely to dedicate their time, energy, and finances towards a brand that satisfies the factors mentioned above.

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