WWDC 2020 Highlights: UX and UI Lesson For Android

June 23, 2020 3 min read
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Why WWDC 2020 Highlights Have Been So Popular For UX and UI?

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This article on WWDC 2020 Highlights will be focusing on personal perspective.

first, we will check the lessons for android designers and developers should learn from WWDC 2020 Highlights for UX and UI.

WWDC 2020 has been a UX and UI game-changer in real sense. No Hardware this year??? Minor tweaks, maybe, but what a massive boost to the new features.

Super cool feature and the best announcement by far is at the end of this post.

Apple has ruled the way they made announcements, presentations to date, but this was the first time they did not face the audience, and the event was live for the millions to watch. Guess what, Apple rocked it, and for me, it was because of the game-changing UX and UI upgrades, and a little about the smooth video transitions too!

Coming to our question, why WWDC 2020 highlights has been so popular till now for UX and UI:

Pin Conversations

We have a habit of pinning articles or emails, so why not messages? What a beautiful yet subtle change in the messaging app! Pinning conversations is something I have personally been looking for, from either OSs.

Inline Reply

Our brains are trained for WhatsApp’s inline reply to a group chat. One of the best ways to selectively answer any query meant for you. Such UX is guided by an in-depth study of what humans are trained with, over a long time of action’s usage.

Mentions In Groups

You are now able to mention individuals in group chats. This will make everyone say yes for that longest pending Ladakh tour or TechCrunch Disrupt session you had planned for! (Different people, different choices!) 

Imp Buzz Only

How irritating would it be to get notified even for random messages, with no context? iOS now will notify if the respondent mentions your name in group inline chat.

EV Routing Mode

Apple Maps is finally doing something it is expected to do! Super Hi-Tech feature, it seems. Well, if you have an electric vehicle, Apple maps will guide you through a route that has a charging station on the way back to your destination.

New Countries

I am waiting for that time when Apple maps in India will land me to the proper place I asked for and not on planet Mars! But for now, they have added three more countries.

Cycling mode

Stay Fit; I guess that’s what Apple has been promoting for a while. Since that upgrade for screen-time they introduced, it’s now much clearer. From there, Apple watch now to all the possible devices and now even in their maps.

Car Keys

Did you lose your phone? You might lose your wallet, picture gallery, camera, account details, passwords…. Apple adds car keys to that list. NFC in India has not been an active feature yet, but soon I hope. I loved it, maybe only for BMW 5 Series today, but soon will be available for all the vehicles. Let’s hope for the best!


Car play app is a pure pure pure UI based upgrade, and you all will agree to that. What a relief it feels, don’t you? It looks so fresh, so much better, and less robotic.

Scribble to Text

Highlight this feature, to the best of the best till date! Yes, just like older siri, this might get buggy too initially, but if it manages to understand my handwriting, you all are free to trust this feature.

woman cycling from wwdc 2020

Apple is making the best even better with amazingly creative UX and UI while introducing new features. We have much matured Android than what it was earlier. Hence, get inspired to deliver experience from these highlights. Not that Apple has done something very unique, but they sure did what all of us did expect them from the previous WWDC.

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