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Understanding The Science Behind Customers Experience

September 22, 2022 3 min read
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Our author Jugal Shah says designers are using neuromarketing and behavioural science to help design an impactful customer experience.

In today’s rapidly saturating market, UI-UX designing agencies have only one metric of consideration for brass tacks – customer experience. With countless options available, the only sure-shot way to make sure they come back to you is to give them an experience unlike any other.

Initially, people used simple tricks like gratifications and offers to lure customers in. But with that idea also being whipped to the bone, UI-UX designers have turned to neuromarketing and behavioural science to understand how the consumer’s brain works, and how best to present their product to them.

In layman’s terms, design agencies are now trying to find out what makes the customer’s brain tick. What do they like? What do they dislike? What do they look for first? What makes them go ‘Wow!’? The ‘wow’ factor is quickly becoming an increasingly crucial goal for UI-UX design agencies to achieve, since the saturated market means there’s so much of everything, the customer is rarely ‘wowed’ by anything!

Research and the future of Neuromarketing

According to Infinium Global Research, the neuromarketing solutions market will hit $2 billion by 2024, growing by about 9.1% each year. Branding agencies clearly see the importance of understanding the dynamic thoughts and emotions of consumers – research is just a spoke in the wheel.

Everything on a website works in harmony with each other to create an overall customer experience (CX). One might not realise why or why not, but something as basic as the colour palette and fonts also elicits various responses and emotions in the consumer, contributing to their final CX.

For example, blue elicits confidence while red elicits excitement. Yellow gives a more youthful and vibrant touch to your website while purple shades give out a regal, elegant feel.

Category disconnect and how to overcome it

Unfortunately, there is a gaping hole in the number of design agencies that think they have the consumer figured out and the number of consumers that actually resonate with the content being put out, indicating a clear disconnect.

Did you know that 95% of the decision-making process happens in subconsciousness: we often don’t know exactly why we chose A and not B. 

Neuroscience and understanding consumers’ behavioural patterns are the most effective way to bridge the gap.

1. Take Maslow’s pyramid for starters – a concise list of human needs to be met first in order of priority, starting with physiological needs, safety, love, self-esteem, and finally self-actualisation. Understand where your consumers stand on this scale.

2. Knowing what level of emotions your brand elicits in the consumer can help you understand the needs that have been met, and the needs your brand is supposed to fulfil. Zeroing in on what the customer wants automatically improves the science behind customers experience drastically.

3. Another thing a lot of design agencies try to do is sell bloated numbers and high claims hoping to lure customers in – but once they realise they’ve been duped, your CX comes crashing down. This is an extremely myopic and unethical way of branding. 

4. Being honest is one of the oldest, most well-known ways to improve the consumer’s experience.

Neuroscience meshed with UI UX design services is the key to understanding the science behind customers experience. Knowing why they behave the way they do will help you understand what they need and how you can give them the best branding services and consumer experience, something most brands and websites fail to do in today’s market.

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The author Jugal Shah is the founder of Leo9 Studio, a design firm based in Mumbai. He specialises in customer experience designing, aided by neuromarketing and behavioural sciences and has worked with corporates like BMW, Unilever, Travel xp, Sony, to name a few.