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User Experience vs. Customer Experience (CX vs UX)

April 23, 2020 3 min read
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Top 5 factors and reasons for differentiating CX and UX

“I do not understand why, when I ask for a grilled lobster in a restaurant, I am never served a cooked telephone.”

-Salvador Dalí

My guess says, you didn’t understand one of my favorite quote of all time! It’s as confusing as this topic CX vs UX…

Let me explain, he was a famous surreal painter who had a huge impact on art, design, film, and photography industry. It is said, Adobe built Photoshop to mimic his artworks on the digital platform. 

Also, this is the kind of mistake a lot of businesses out there end up doing. To sell you my idea through this article, I don’t need to explain using a quote I like over something that makes sense.

Let me explain, I cater readers from technology, design, and business study background and hence this is a bizarre start for any of you reading, and I get it. A lot of businesses forget their customers and run behind bizarre things.

No one really would like if their phone has 13 cameras and shines in 7 vivid colors. But the same thing if launched in June and ‘Capture all vibrant details in your life’, named campaign and is named ‘The Pride Phone’, it’s the hit product. This is the customer’s experience design bit of the plan. Stage one to understand CX vs UX!

UX or user experience is a Don Norman’s term coined in the 90’s and CX or customer experience is relatively new in the design industry. Most of us get confused as a lot of aspects overlap.

A study by Forrester shows, customers will pay 4.5 X more if the customer experience is good. Another study by CX Network shows, only 30% of consumers believe brands are focused on them, to fill that gap CX bridges the emotional aspects of connection and UX focuses on the physical touch points.

Generally this is where the people get confused. We all will be surprised to see experts themselves confusing UX vs CX and vice-versa. A YouTuber, claiming both are not same, but interchangeably used both terms. This confused my smart a** too.

This YouTuber explained that these terms, UX and CX can simply be used interchangeably, and indeed, it appears to happen almost everywhere I go. Moreover, this is so common thing to get confused it seems. People soon might start putting out blog posts explaining UIUX vs CX too! 😉

The 5 factors and reasons for differentiating CX vs. UX

Why UX ≠ CX?

Undoubtedly we need both, but UX is a part of CX as a whole.

What is their expertise?

CX designer is a business expert, branding, and marketing expert. UX designer is a technical, design and psychology expert

What do they do?

CX designers look at the whole experience including all channels of the brand, sales, and services whereas UX is more specific, focusing on an app or website’s behavior and interaction styling.

What do they focus on?

CX Design focuses on customer service and brand reputation while UX Design focuses on usability, interaction, and visual design.

What is their business objective?

CX consultants focus on boosting revenues via advertising, improving customer service and creating a stronger brand. UX consultants focus on usability only.

Leo9 Studio, a design agency in Mumbai, has done some beautiful UX designs. One project that strikes out for me is the one that they did for TravelXP. (Click Here)

The concept clearly shows traits for CX. Companies across the globe haven’t fully explored the potential of CX yet, but sure they know the importance of it.

Final Thoughts

In spite of the fact that there certain contrasts among CX vs UX, the two controls are just going to draw nearer together as innovation turns out to be progressively mixed into our regular daily existences.

To be on the front foot as a UX designer, consider the entire client eco-framework and not simply the application or site you are chipping away at.

Venture up your game and future evidence yourself for the unavoidable coordination of the CX and UX by viewing yourself as an ‘Encounter Manager’ instead of thinking exclusively about the client.

By the day’s end, it doesn’t generally make a difference what you call yourself as long as you are giving an incredible encounter to any connection with your item.

All regions of an association need to team up to guarantee all client contact focuses are tried for grating, enhanced, and obviously that they go well beyond what is offered by contenders.

Conclusion for CX vs. UX

It has always been about customers, customers pay attention to all parts of their experience with the product and value the overall experience. 

With every interaction with the customer, the company builds relationships. CX is the relationship and UX is the interaction for that relation.

They will either buy, subscribe, follow, or subscribe to your product and service and trust your brand or turn to competition. It’s necessary to say that for the success of any business it should be consistent with both UX Design and CX Design.

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