What is Brand Marketing? Plus, strategies that top companies are using!

April 16, 2021 4 min read
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5 Fundamental Rules You Can’t Afford To Ignore When It Comes To Brand Marketing.

Introduction to Brand Marketing

All that stands between your brand and your audience is marketing.

Brand marketing brings together your brand’s story—values, concept, personality—and communicates it to the audience. The better the communication, the more the people want to buy your product.

So it’s clear: brand marketing is essential not just to get attention but also to generate sales.

Defining brand marketing

Essentially, it is about expressing your brand identity—through every product or service—to the customer.

It establishes a clear, creative identity for your brand using logos, design, illustrations etc. Then, it uses marketing to differentiate your product. More on branding vs marketing later!

Your design choices play a huge role in your marketing success. 

For instance, if your brand has a clean, sophisticated, and understated aura—like Apple—your techniques will match. 

On the contrary, if your brand persona is bold—like Netflix—your marketing methods will be, too!

Remember: Whatever your brand persona is, your design has to be memorable and mind-blowing. Many leading brands trust our designers to create an influential brand identity for them.

Why is brand marketing necessary today?

brand marketing for channel

1.     Builds customer loyalty:

Surveys show that loyal customers spend more money on a brand than others. Plus, as per research, half of all customers stop doing business with a company after an unpleasant marketing experience!

So, to put two and two together: if you want customer loyalty, you need to emphasize brand marketing.

2.     Builds awareness and recognition:

Everyone can recognize the ‘M’ logo of McDonald’s or the bitten apple logo of Apple. That is an example of memorable brand marketing.

An essential factor for recognition is choosing the right color. Want to know how many customers can recognize Google solely based on its color? 91%!

3.     Promotes your brand message:

Your brand identity is your purpose, your goals, your design, and your values. Statistics show that 89% of customers stay loyal to brands that share their values.

It aims to express your business values to shoppers. And the more personal your values are, the more the customers are inclined to choose you.

4.     Boosts reach:

You can’t deny the power of brand marketing when it comes to boosting a brand’s reach. 64% of consumers say that they buy a product after watching a branded social video. Impressive, right?

5.     Improves engagement:

Once people start noticing your brand, the next crucial step is to keep them engaged. How? Many brands use social media marketing. Instagram giveaways are a popular method. Another great way is through Twitter. Taco Bell uses Twitter to interact with users.

Social media brand marketing is an excellent tool for companies right now. Not only does it humanize your brand, but it improves the overall accessibility and likability.

Branding vs Marketing

Yep, they are not the same.

Remember the anecdote about ‘the chicken or the egg’? Well, riddle us this: what comes first—the branding or the marketing? Experts say branding.

Branding is about expressing your brand.

Marketing is about creating awareness and generating sales.

For instance, Apple’s branding includes its sophisticated products, unique features, and layouts. Its marketing involves visual storytelling through ads, billboards, and even social media posts!

Sounds straightforward, right?

To sum up: you need to know who you are as a ‘brand’ before ‘marketing’ your brand to the audience.

Getting started with brand marketing

Here are three things to remember when planning your brand marketing strategy:

1.     Who is your target audience?

2.     What are your marketing goals?

3.     Which metrics define a successful brand marketing campaign for you?

Tried-and-tested strategies for successful brand marketing

strategy for perfect brand marketing

1.     Storytelling

Nike’s social media ads and distinct layouts are excellent examples of awe-inspiring storytelling. 

It can be daunting to create an impactful design that delivers your brand message accurately. If that’s your dilemma, you can try out our trusted and frequently-used design services.

2.     Consistency

Everyone recognizes the McDonald’s logo. Why? Because their brand identity has been consistent over the years—no matter the medium.

Studies note that consistent brand presentation across all platforms increases revenue by up to 23%.

3.     Know your competitors

It’s a staple business strategy that also applies to brand marketing. If you want to become the best in your field, you have to know what your competitors are doing at all times. 

Analyze what is and isn’t working for them. Use that to create a winning marketing strategy for brands! Need assistance with this? Get in touch with us!

4.     Keep up with the trends

Since most brand marketing happens on social media, knowing what is trending and relevant is essential. Brands that ace this include Oreo, Nutella, and even Netflix, among others.


Strategic marketing of a brand—combined with head-turning designs—you can successfully attract customers. Now that you know what it is, its benefits, branding vs marketing, and strategies that work, you are ready to take on your industry.For any business design help or information, browse our resources or contact us directly today!

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